Sunday, July 1, 2007

The proof of flash agent "the return"

Oke ,e nough , i am leaving in an houre , see you in two weeks


Ace said...


xpack said...

Cool, so are you planning on releasing the source for this one, or something

newbie said...

nice cant wait for the new flash agent. (its the only one i trust)
if its not too much trouble could you add the option of flashing the locationfree.prx, i want to be able to use it so that i can buy a base station.
Thanks in advance

nights777 said...

Hey Hallo I have idea for a new flashing program. Comment back if you want to hear about it.

Matt said...

Does anyone know the type of techno music he uses for these apps?

hallo007 said...

dj coone - getting down

yes it will be probebly open source

you will be able to flash nearly any file you want

please share you ideas ;)

i am back hopme =)

Redbeard46 said...

Thats Great News, and I will surely be waiting anxiously. I really prefer your app over a lot of the others. (NOT a slam on others apps).